I am super happy about this page. It is the nexus of worlds, folks! As 4n410g talks to Zenmar the wizard, we meet two “new” characters.

First we meet VanaRo, the digital denizen and witch from Simon Shepherd‘s Netrek. She will be with us for a few pages. Ironically, VanaRo’s first appearance in her own comic was during a crossover with another webcomic. (I know most of these links are dead, but I’m leaving them anyway.)

Then we have Lord Elf from Elf Only Inn by Josh Sortelli. Now, our story is set in July of 2005, during which time EOI was on an extended hiatus, so keep that in mind for the next update too!

It has been a great pleasure to borrow these characters. It has really added to our digital world!

Thanks, guys!’