And so it begins, the ultimate chapter in the story of Chad and his Mom’s secrets!

We first hinted at this story way back when, and here we come full circle!

This Cover, with Layouts by Rolf Gerdau and finishes by Barry Tetz features some familiar faces, and some we haven’t seen in a while. We will talk more about that as we move along; but I did want to point our the two fellows nearest to the far side of the moat! They are Jay Burst and his pal Davey from Broccoli Top. Written and drawn many years ago by Splice, Broccoli Top begins the story of a normal kid who falls into a world built of anime cliches. I discovered this forgotten comic a while back ago, and Splice was kind enough to let us borrow some of his kids for this little story.

We will be updating this story bi weekly, folks–just like the old days! Every Friday and Monday for the next 40 pages, so be sure to check us out!