And this is the end.  With “Panic! At the Ren-Faire!” wrapped we return to visit four of Josh Sortelli‘s characters from Elf Only Inn! We’ve met Duke and Nimoy in our pages before, but today they pass through a scene featuring April and Megan.  (Also, in double checking the spelling of Megan’s name, I learned Nimoy has an “IRL” first name, but I’m not telling you.)

This page by Tal Reese, with words by Rhys

That wraps this story! Monday We will share a “Panic! At the Ren-Faire!” poster by Rolf Gerdau, and following that we will enter an official Forces hiatus while we ready some new properties for print! If you are keen to keep up on the Ideal Comics hype train, be sure to support us on Patreon to watch us make comics!