For those of you who have never been to Lincoln, the causeway is a real thing–a series of foot bridges connecting several of the downtown office and commercial buildings. I (Rhys) first discovered the Lincoln Causeway system by accident in 2008, and as I walked the past remodeling and offices and shops, and off-campus offices for UNL, I thought “This would be great in a story.”

In Autumn 2016, I had the chance to go to Lincoln and while I was there, I took a string or photos to serve as references for this page. (Mark is headed through this causeway in Panel Four) In fact, you can start at the Cornhusker Marriot and follow Jedi Jed’s instructions for yourself, all the way to the golden elevators, if you want.

Again, Art here is done by Rolf Gerdau, on top of imaginings by Rhys.

Agents Gunther and Jed created by Matt Johnson