On this page, we have several nods to Darby EL Wilson and Martin Gilmore’s Super University for College Kids, and excerpts from their first story. Sadly, they are having web hosting problems, and their site is down; but we here, through a special arrangement with SuperU administration, are proud to host SuperU Orean-Back-In-Time! This is for a limited time only, and completely free, so get it while it is hot!

Unlike the other partners in this crossover, SuperU fits a little differently. Where everything in Cortland, Elf Only Inn, The Adventures of Seth and Murphy, and NeTrek prior to this intersection syncs perfectly into our universe, SuperU does not quit. SuperU is set in the eternal ‘now’, and it’s ancient history is a little different fro ours, but knowing we wanted to send the guys packing throught their old stomping grounds, we just had to invite Darby and Martin out to play!  Here’s hoping you enjoy it!

Words by Rhys, art by Rolf.