Today is a very special update, though in perfect honesty it is a break from our story as it is. While I do feel conflicted about that, I can’t be sad.
I have been a huge and ongoing fan of Josh Sortelli’s Elf Only Inn for years. I even got permission to give Lord Elf a fun cameo in the last Forces story (which I reference on today’s page). While I was working on this story, I thought it might be fun to work in some other characters from my old webcomic pals who just MIGHT be in Michigan in August 2005! EOI takes place entirely on the internet, on chatrooms and MMO’s, and when I approached Josh with the Idea of using his characters IRL, he was very receptive!
During the run of EOI, Only three characters have been revealed in their IRL forms: Megan, King Herman, and Duke Commando, and so today’s page features Duke, the IRL debut of Nimoy. Here’s hoping you enjoy this little bunny trail!

Art by Taliesin Reese