This story was not originally part of “Forces.” Back in 2006, Chris met a guy on line, Kevin Carpenter, who was pitching around some OC’s that seemed a perfect fit for our universe.  He had read Forces and liked what he saw, and thought the super-hero high school setting would be fun background for his young adult heroes. We decided to join forces, and Kevin and I (Rhys) fleshed out his kids; and together created the Bill Everett Hero School, the setting for this story.

Kevin’s first Ideal Comics script, “Accepting the Obvious,” was originally intended for our now out-of-commission mini-comic site The ShortBox, but since The Edge and the gang are appearing now (over at Patreon) in “Panic! At the Ren-Faire,” we have decided to share this here. These events are also happening roughly concurrent with our “Forces” kids over in Rural, Wisconsin in the Fall of 2004!

Art by Brian Lue Sang. Check out his Patreon!