I’m not going to tell you what album I listened to, while I lettered this page. But, I will give you a hint: “read the page.” I hope that’s not too cryptic.

In the fourth panel, Chad is not thinking about a demonic Phil Collins head. He’s actually thinking about the album cover for No Jacket Required. It’s weird. Phil Collins had an odd thing for putting a giant Phil Collins face on all of his albums.

Seriously. I’m sure Disney insisted on putting Tarzan on the cover of the Tarzan Soundtrack, otherwise, we’d probably have gotten a giant Phil Collins face.

This comic is based on true events. I rank the awesomeness of everything in Susudios. I believe it’s a universal language. Or it should be.

And sorry this page is up kind of late. We’ve been dealing with birthdays at the Ideal Comics home offices. In addition to my birthday on Saturday and Rhys’ birthday on Wednesday, Joe Carradine, the artist behind the Pammy, Sammy and Spot stories, and Barry Tetz, who drew First Day, had birthdays on Friday and today, respectively. Crazy weekend.

Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you knew this, but you can find all of those stories over at our newly-redesigned Shortbox.